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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tutorial Tuesdays: Red Roses Copic Colouring with Leigh!

Howzit Creative Friends!
It's time for a Tutorial Tuesday segment and today I'm going to show you how to take the stress out of colouring a bed of red roses with Copics!  If you've ever felt intimidated at the sight of uncoloured roses then you'll enjoy my step-by-step photos and video demonstrating my process.  I guarantee you'll find colouring roses a very relaxing and even a zen-like experience!

I'm colouring the Skull Roses Collage for today's tutorial and the digi is on FLASH SALE until midnight tonight pacific!

 Start off by looking at some real roses to get a feel of how they look, how the petals overlap and create cast shadows and where the highlights are.  If you want to keep a rose in front of you for reference you can but try and just use it as a loose reference only!  You're not going to replicate that rose exactly because every single rose is different.  No two petals overlap the same or cast the same shadows.  You just need to think about how the base of each petal is the darkest, how overlapping petals cast shadows and where the light source is coming from, whether from directly above or off to the side.  Then colour each petal one at a time and loose yourself in the methodical steps and before you know it you've coloured all of the roses!  It truly is so relaxing once you get into the zone so lets give it a go shall we?

 We're just doing the roses today using the following Copic colours:
R32, R35, 37, 39 and W7 for dark shadows.

Here's the colours I used on the Skulls:
E40, 41, 42 and G82

For this colouring I decided my light source was directly above.  Pick a rose and start by laying down the darkest red at the base of the petals.  There's no right or wrong coz every single rose is different so where you decide to put your shadows can be different to where I've put mine.  It's just the process of creating shadows and hightlights that counts.

Working from darkest red to lightest red, lay in the next red which will be a shade or two lighter than the first.  Don't worry about creating seamless blends at this point but overlap each colour over the last just a little as you colour in the petals.

At this point I like to jump ahead a shade and decide where my highlights will be and lay down the lightest red.

Then go back to working from dark to light.

Once I get to the lightest shade of red I then colour over everything again but work in reverse from light to dark.

Working dark to light and then back again is how you get your seamless blends.  You might get a nice blend during the 2nd stage or you might need to go back and fore a few times.  You'll know when to stop coz you'll be happy with how the blend looks.  

If you find you tend to go too dark and want more highlights or bright red roses then try colouring from light to dark instead.

 Decide how bright you want the roses to be and lay in all the lightest areas first.

Then add the next darker shade.

Until you get to the darkest red.

Then go back over everything again working from dark to light.

Until you get to the lightest shade of red again.

Just like before you can go back and forth until you're happy with the blends.

Here's the two roses I've just coloured with both methods.

I then added darker shadows with W7.
You can stop at this point and be very proud of your roses or continue to take the process further by deepening the shadows with either Copics or coloured pencils and finish with white Copic acrylic paint or white gel pen highlights.

Here's a little demo video of my process in action!  I'd appreciate a thumbs up and I hope you'll check out my other Copic Colouring videos as well!  Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep these videos coming😊  Here's the LINK to the video if you experience any issues watching the embedded video!

I hope you found my tutorial helpful and it inspired you to colour up some roses today😉
Don't forget the Skull Roses Collage is on FLASH SALE until midnight tonight!
 If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'd love to see your rose colourings too so add your blog posts or social media links in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting with me today😀
Happy Stamping!


  1. Ooooh AWESOME !!! These look so amazing. Thanks for the TuT. I have never done it TWICE which is probably why I have a right a*se ache with my blending sometimes !! LoL Thanks Leigh xxx

  2. Fabulous the vibrant red and amazing background collage image! x


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