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Monday, September 16, 2019

Spooktember 2019 Release: The Quirkleighs CarnEvil Collection and Halloween Sale!

Howzit Creative Friends!
The most spooktacular time of year fast approaches and I'm thrilled to announce my Spooktember 2019 release today🎃  My new collection of seven spooktacular digi art stamps are perfect "must haves" for your Halloween projects this year🎃

 I'm now very excited to introduce you to my brand new Quirkleighs character series!
Unlike my Oddleighs with their large heads and big eyes, the Quirkleighs are tall and skinny with small heads but they are equally whimsically strange and fun in their own unique way!

The theme for this year's release is sinister circus, I now proudly present the
The Quirkleighs CarnEvil Collection!


The Quirkleighs CarnEvil has a wicked history shrouded in mystery and intrigue!
Watch the video if you dare...mwahahahahaha!

  First up is this gorgeous detailed design!  The Puppet Master is a wicked character indeed!  He ensnares victims to be the CarnEvil audience!  Just look at those evil eyes and wicked grin bristling with pointy teeth.  He's splendidly attired in a Victorian coat and top hat with a luxurious ruffled shirt and a cravat adorned with a skull brooch!  With his clawed hand he manipulates his tragically sad Marionette.  The background is a grungy collage of circus tent stripes and cobwebs!  This one is truly a must have!  The Puppet Master can be printed out as a colouring page or easily be the star of all your Halloween cards and more!  In fact he insists you add him to your collections...or else....mwahaha!


The Puppet Master ensnares the victims and this strange beauty presides over the entire CarnEvil.
The RingMistress is a graceful anamorphic creature, half human and half Gazelle.  She's gracefully elegant in her corset coat and knee high lace-up boots and nothing gets past her alert gaze or the sharp end of her wicked whip!


 The Marionette is The Puppet Master's favourite doll.  She's tragically sad because she used to be human but don't let that lovely face fool you, her wicked dance is deadly.  She's a gorgeous girl with doll jointed limbs, spiral hair, a Steampunk-esque dress and ballerina slippers on her feet.  The Puppet Master controls her every move from afar so all you see are her strings moving magically through the air adorned with pretty bows!

Beware The Snake Charmer!  She's an exotic anamorphic beauty also part human part animal which gives her the unique ability to controls snakes.  She mesmerizes you as she walks the tightrope high in the air while her snakes perform tricks!  Look closely, that snake wears quite a mischievous smile and that clawed parasol is actually part of it's tail, oh my!!!


You know the CarnEvil has reached its chilling end when The Grimm Reaper appears!  He's strikingly handsome in his magnificent long coat and tall top hat adorned with a skull.  He carries a deadly scythe bearing the symbol of a soul eater!  Don't look into his eyes I implore you....too late, you're doomed!  He devours souls, but don't worry, he won't claim you yet!  You might want to add him to your stamp collection too, I'd keep the keeper of your soul close if I were you!


When the bizarre CarnEvil vanishes it leaves behind a strange Stack o' Carved Pumpkins to mark the spot where it stood!  Their eerie grins are an unnerving sight to behold!


 And if you still think it was all just a feverish dream then the whispered warning from this creepy cute Carved Skelly Cat lurking close by will definitely chill you to the bone!
Before the cat stalks off into thin air he grins wickedly at you and purrs
....'til next time....


If you love them all then take advantage of the discounted price on The Quirkleighs CarnEvil Collection bundle of all 7 designs!


The Quirkleighs CarnEvil Collection is now available in LeighSBDesigns Etsy BOOtique at special intro prices good through September 30th!  I hope you're dashing off right now to add them to your collections!  I can't wait to see what you create with them!

While you're shopping be sure to also check out my Spooktember Halloween Sale!
 The sale starts midnight tonight and ends at midnight pacific on Sept 30th too!


Get ready for my annual 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop, it's going to be truly spooktacular with lots of fabulous prizes sponsored by amazing stamp companies!
You'd be crazy to miss it🎃


Thanks for stopping by to see today's new release, I hope you're wickedly inspired and cant' wait for 31 Days of Halloween to begin!  See you Oct 1st!
Happy Creating!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a wickedly spectacular collection! Love, love them all! Let the fun begin!

  2. Fabulous new collection Leigh, love them all x


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